About us

Buying and Selling Tractors and Farm Machinery made simple.

Our primary aim is to have a great time building and running what will become the UK's best classified farming site. Our confidence is based on past success and also our dedication in offering the best possible experience and service for our end users.

Having developed and run three of the UK's largest and most successful classified websites, www.horsemart.co.uk, www.caravanselecta.co.uk and www.gunstar.co.uk (Please note: these sites no longer resemble the funtionality or looks they had under Dom's control). Dom has now teamed up with Stuart to develop and run sites which can be kept and professionally mananged with a personal, attentive and dedicated approach.

Unlike many other classified sites, we are not supporting an office full of staff thinking only about the bottom line.

We are here to please our users not a manager with targets